About Us






This is a list of some of the activates we do:


•   Sticking, painting, glueing, cutting, scrap booking, pasta, rice, drawing,

     collage pictures, junk models, glitter, cards ect.

•   Messy play, body art

•   Play doe, salt doe

•   Sowing, knitting, crocheting

•   Atlas, books on different cultures and languages

•   Numeracy counting, number pegs

•   Flash cards

•   Puzzles

•   Books

•   Roll play (dolls, buggies, cooker, ect)

•   Music time (singing and playing instruments)

•   Computer games (fun & educational)

•   Puppets

•   Thomas train table

•   Dressing up box

•   Story time

•   T.V  Disney & children's channels

•   Lego, stickle bricks,  wooden bricks

•   Baking (cakes, biscuits, decorating)

•   Allotment (planting, growing, watering, picking)

•   Seasonal  &festivals activities.

•   Ball games (swing ball,  basket ball, catch)

•   Trampoline

•   Slides

•   See saw

•   Trikes, bikes, scooters

•   Sensory area

•   Water table

•   Sand pit


And so much more