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A healthy diet in childhood is essential for the growth, development and overall functioning of children. Good nutrition provides the energy and nutrients essential to sustaining and promoting physical, emotional and cognitive development.


We provide children a healthy start in life by offering good nutritious food and an understanding of where it comes from. Fruit, vegetables and salads are available each day. Lean ingredients and low fat cooking methods are used wherever possible.


We also try to be as organic as possible and, during season, grow some of our own vegetables on a local allotment. This provides the children a great hands-on learning experience and helps them further develop their understanding of the world.


We prepare a great variety of different meals. There is always plenty to eat.


We encourage the children to try new foods, but no one is ever forced to eat something they do not enjoy and if necessary we can always provide an alternative.


We're able to cook for Vegans, Vegetarians and Celiacs as well as those with religious requirements.

The children have access to fresh drinking water throughout the day from the cooled water dispenser and are always provided drinks with their meals. They can also help themselves to fresh fruit from the bowl whenever they like.


Children may bring their own packed lunches if the parent wishes them to do so, but we do not allow sweets or fizzy drinks. These are sometimes given as a treat. Our aim is to encourage an awareness of healthy food and help children establish good eating patterns at an early age.


We endeavour to ensure that all children are provided a healthy, full-filling diet when in our care. Check out our gallery to see some examples of the meals we do.

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