About Us






When a child starts in my setting, I ask the parent to fill in, with their child, an all about me book. This helps give me an insight into the child. I believe the best way to learn is through play. To achieve this I interact with children's interest this makes it more fun and I find children are more involved. I let children lead the way and this helps in their positive contribution.  I cover all aspects on the EYFS frame work.


Every child has their own learning stories where I take photos of the children and display them as a scrap book. I use this book for assessment and future planning. This is child friendly so children can look back and see what they have been doing and talk about their achievements, allowing the parent to see their progress.


For children up to the age of five my aim is to build confidence, self esteem, an understanding of the world and get them to the level for the transition into school. I am a strong believer in the Montessori way of learning. The older children in my settings like to carry on with their learning stories themselves. I encourage this to bring out the creative side of the child especially in children that use English as an additional language.


I communicate with parents verbally, through communication books, parent evenings and questionnaires so we can build up a good bond. I have also started recording visually for parents to take home and watch what their child has been learning.


While children are playing I will observe and make assessments, future plans and necessary changes to help the development of the child. If I feel that your child needs additional help I will contact professionals that I work in partnership with for support. I believe all children deserve a good chance in life.